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The team with the caring hands. #TeamPRC

Dr. Christina G. Messarra

physiotherapist & facility director

Dr. Messarra founded Providence Rehabilitation Centre in August 2003. Starting off with just her two hands as her only tools, PRC has grown to become one of the premier Physiotherapy clinics in the Bahamas employing a staff of 14.

Ratish K. Karna

certified hand therapist     

After years of practice in Occupational Therapy, Ratish specialized in Hand Therapy in 2000. Ratish began his professional career in the Kuwait war zones and later became a clinical instructor at Manipal University, India.

Dr. Virginia Chan 


Intrigued by health sciences, Dr. Chan was determined to devote years of study to Physiotherapy. Since 2011 Virginia has practiced as a physiotherapist and is accredited by the American Board Certified Physical Therapist, Licensed in Florida.

Shenique Cash

patient care administrator

Shenique manages PRC's Customer Service including our Accounts Receiveables (patients' insurance claims) to ensure that our patients benefit from accessible, affordable care. 

Kezia Etienne 

patient care representative

Cheerful, compassionate and mannerly, Kezia skillfully organizes your patient care experience to ensure that PRC patients have a seemless patient care experience from first point of contact to discharge. 

Mary E. Moree 

accounts manager 

Experienced accounting skills and a passionate mentor in the field of book keeping are skills that Ms. Mary serves to improve your customer services experience at PRC. 

McKenzie M. Van Hagen 

facilities coordinator 

McKenzie works tenaciously with our Facilities Manager and House Keeping services to support clinical and administrative operations.

Whitney "AJ" Johnson 

security and housekeeping services

As a vigilant individual who is able to act calmly in crises situations, AJ perfectly serves as the evening Security Officer and AJ's willingness to do whatever needs to be done serves him well as a the PRC Facilities housekeeper.

Tameka Cash-Simmons 

patient care representative

With an extensive background working in a customer service and accounts, Tameka delivers friendly, organized and thoughtful customer service.

Siemone Simmons 

assistant patient care administrator

Possessing substantial experience in acting as the primary point of contact for all patients entering the facility, Siemone is always cheerful with a bright smile and an answer to your most challenging questions.

Latrell Russell

physiotherapy aide & social media manager

Aspiring to be a physiotherapist one day, Latrell is focused on serving patients as a Physiotherapy Aide in our Hand Therapy services. Latrell's creativity and hard work influence PRC's Social Media content.

Kristin Saunders

physiotherapy aide & massage therapist

With an interest in sports medicine and kinesiology,
Kristen was intrigued by Masage Therapy which eventually lead her to work in the field of Physiotherapy as an Aide in PRC's Neuro Physiotherapy service.

Robyn D. McIntosh

physiotherapy aide & massage therapist

With over ten years of working at PRC, Robyn is considered the matriarch of the team PTAide team at PRC. Robyn brings the slogan "caring hands" to life every day while working with her patients on PRC's Orthopeadic Physiotherapy service.

Aicia Scott

physiotherapy aide

Alicia Graduated from The College of The Bahamas, now The University of The Bahamas, in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry. Alicia is now in pursuit of attaining a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and was excited to join the Providence Rehabilitation Center team as part of this goal.

Keyshanna Russell

patient care representative

Cheerful, compassionate and mannerly, Keyshanna skillfully organizes your patient care experience to ensure that PRC patients have a seemless patient care experience from first point of contact to discharge.

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