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orthopaedic physiotherapy

PRC's Physiotherapy services are focused on treating patients of any age who present with an illness, injury or disease that impairs their ability to move and to function at home, at work or in the community  

Our Orthopaedic Physiotherapy services include assessment and non-invasive treatment of the ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles, nerves and joints of the human body

PRC empowers our patients with knowledge by thoroughly explaining diagnoses, discussing treatment options and educating our patients in re-injury prevention strategies

A PRC Physiotherapist will create a treatment plan that is unique to your specific needs, goals and ability

manual therapy

Manual therapy is defined as a hands on approach to the treatment of joints and tissues utilizing skilled and scientific techniques, including but not limited to manipulation, mobilization and myofacial release

spinal decompression therapy

Non-surgical spinal decompression (FDA-approved in the USA) is a form of mechanical traction that may be used to treat certain conditions that cause back pain

neurological physiotherapy

PRC offers specialized Neurological Physiotherapy assessment and treatment services to manage patients presenting with a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury (parpaplegia, quadraplegia) or an aquired brain injury such as stroke, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Polyneuropathies (Guillian-Barre Syndrome), vestibular disorders or any other conditions that cause dizziness, movement and balance disorders.

Damage to the central nervous system, including your brain and spinal cord, means that the pathways for messages from your brain to your limbs and from your limbs to your brain are not functioning. This can result in loss of movement and sensation, uncoordinated movement, weak and floppy muscles, spasm and tremor.

Neurological physiotherapy targets these pathways to create new pathways via specific repetitive movement and exercise. The goal of Neuro-Physio is to help patient's regain the ability to perform necessary functional activities such as walking, transferring, grooming, feeding, toileting and other activities of daily living.

aqua physiotherapy

PRC has collaborated with SWIFT Swimming to offer our patients access to the St Andrew's School pool for Aqua Physiotherapy services.

PRC's Aqua Physiotherapy services are completed in pool water that is maintained at therapeutic temperatures (the pool is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer) to allow patients to benefit from the inherently therapeutic properties of water year round.

Exercising in water is ideal for patients presenting with diagnoses such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, spinal cord injuries, post-operative back pain, knee & hip conditons and generalised deconsitioning.

The use of water allows patients to exercise and move at levels that are not possible outside of a buoyant, water-based environment and this often results in faster physical gains and a less painful recovery.

Aqua Physiotherapy can help patients achieve:

  • Less pain with normal, everyday activity
  • Improved endurance throughout the day
  • Increase in joint flexibility and muscle strength
  • Improved balance and coordination

Aqua Physiotherapy services are not available as a stand alone service but are offered as part of PRC's comprehensive approach to rehabilitation.  Our patients may participate in land-based and / or water-based exercise programs to facilitate timely recovery.

hand therapy

When the hand and upper extremity are unable to function properly due to injury, disease, repetitive stress, birth conditions or acquired syndromes, a specialized approach to rehabilitation is essential to recovering the intricate functions of the human hand.

A Physiotherapist is a Health Care professional that specializes in adapting the patient / the human body to the enviroment. The Physiotherapist will work with the patient to facilitate function in the world in which they live. An Occupational Therapist is a Health Care professional that specialises in adapting the environment to the diabled patient.

Certifeid Hand Therapy (CHT) combines a Physiotherapy focus on the patient with an Occupational Therapy focus on adapting the environment to allow the hand patient to function regardless of the hand disability.

Therapy techniques such as scar management, functional retraining, splinting and ergonomic advice on activities of daily living as well as joint mobilization, stretching, active or resisted exercises and electrotherapeutic modalities are used in combination to create the optimal treatment plan for rehabilitating hand function.

PRC's Hand Therapist is integrated into the Princess Margaret Hospital's hand surgery team and is currently the only Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) practicing in The Caribbean. Our Hand Therapist's first hand knowledge of hand surgical procedures and conditions will optimize your recovery of hand function.

home care physiotherapy

When injury, illness or disease disrupts your ability to access care in the community, PRC will provide a short course of home based Physiotherapy sessions to help the patient recover sufficient function to attend our out-patient services.  

Those patients that require an extended course of home care treatment or are unlikely to fully recover sufficient function to access out-patient physiotherapy services will be recommended  for care to another Physiotherapy service provider who is able to commit to ongoing home based care.

Dr. Christina G. Messarra,  will assess patient's  presenting problem, general health, and mobility in the comfort of your home to understand your prognosis and treatment goals before developing a strategy for treatment specific to your needs.  

With your permission, we will always discuss your Physiotherapy treatment plan with any other medical professionals involved in your care to ensure a multi-disciplinary  and coordinated approach to your recovery.

Home care physiotherapy services may be covered by your medical insurance plan with a Doctor’s referral that specifically requests “Home Care Physiotherapy Services.”

There is a limit of 5 home care sessions per patient as the goal of PRC's home care physiotherapy is to transition the patient from home care to out - patient treatment sessions in our state-of-the-art clinic

Home Care Physiotherapy Services include but are not limited to:  

  •  Prescribing individualized home exercise programs
  • Teaching family and caregivers the skills to assist the patient recover and remain independent  
  • Training in bed mobility and transfer to allow the patient to move about in the home environment
  • Ordering assistive devices
  • Applying manual therapy and massage techniques to manage pain
  • Instructing pain management stategies post surgery, injury or illness
  • Evaluating Home safety for fall prevention

Wheelchair and Patient Shuttle service

PRC is committed to serving those physically unable to make it to the clinic due to lack of proper wheelchair accessible transportation or serious health issues.

PRC's wheelchair shuttle service, is a free service, launched in 2016 to better serve our patients and our community.  

Our modern wheelchair shuttle, a former NYC taxi cab, is equipped with safety features to ensure a safe voyage from your doorstep to the clinic.  The van can comfortably seat and transport a patient (with their wheelchair and or other disability aids) and their caregiver.

Our friendly skilled driver will assist with getting you on the shuttle safely and ensure your comfort before transporting you to the clinic for treatment. After your treatment our friendly driver will deliver you safely back home.

Call a PRC Patient Care Representative at 323 0121 to find out more about this service and to schedule your ride. 

massage therapy

Massage has been practiced as a healing therapy for centuries in nearly every culture around the world. The human touch has been shown to be both emotionally and physically healing. In general, therapists press, rub, and otherwise manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. They most often use their hands and fingers, but may use their forearm or elbow for a more intense sports massage. 

Massage Therapy is effective for managing your health and wellness including to increase overall relaxation, to decrease pain and to rehabilitate sore muscles.

Benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Improved range of motion and flexibility
  • Reduced physical and emotional stress
  • Improved blood flow and lymph drainage
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Improved skin and muscle tone
  • Loosening of scar tissue
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Faster recuperation from over worked muscles
  • Improved pain management 

While your PRC Physiotherapist may use Massage Therapy techniques at times to aid you in your recovery, a full body massage is only available with one of PRC's qualified Massage Therapists trained at recognized schools of Massage Therapy.  

PRC Massage Therapy services are not available as an insured service but are available as a cash service only.

lymphedema therapy 

Lymphedema is a conditon that affects the skin (oedema is swelling in the areas below the layer of   skin) caused by an abnormality of the lymphatic system leading to excessive build up of fluid and proteins between the skin cells.

Lymph is responsible for transporting essential immune chemicals and cells. Left untreated, lymphedema may lead to chronic inflammation, infection and hardening of the skin that, in turn, results in further lymph vessel damage and distortion of the shape of affected body parts.

Lymphedema is commonly a result of cancer treatment but can also become present from trauma to the skin from burns or infections. One out of three women who undergo an axillary dissection for breast cancer will eventually develop lymphedema.

PRC's complex Lymphedema Therapy consists of:

  • Compression bandaging
  • Manual drainage of the affected limb
  • Skin care
  • Patient-specific lymphedema physical therapy exercises

Your PRC physiotherapist will work with you as long and as often as necessary to manage this chronic, often debilitating condition.